Our Top Game choices..

Our staff was grilled for their favorite games, and here are their picks!

1) Our Manager, Elissia, is addicted to Temple Run. She gets us all to log into Game Center so she can laugh excitedly when she overtakes our high scores!

2) Steve plays all the top dollar games like Max Payne  and Grand Theft Auto.  While these may be a bit expensive compared to other 99c offerings (usually $5-$8), the gameplay is amazing.  I recently got Modern Combat 3, and the experience almost matches a console!

3) Mike loves Meme Generators.  Even though they are not *really* games, they are entertainment apps, so I’ve included them here.  Try this one

4) Paul is all about puzzle games.  He recommended that I take a look at Where’s My Perry, a Disney Puzzle game.  While its not my usual choice, I tried it at his behest, and played a few levels.. Pretty fun!

Come on by and ask us to show you our favorites… I bet you won’t be able to beat Paul! He *always* finds his Perry!







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