Brand Loyalty

I’ve wanted to comment on brand loyalty for a few weeks now, as its a pretty interesting concept.  Apple is one of the strongest implementers of this sort of marketing.  They focus on not only selling a product, but an entire philosophy, a culture.. This is built through the presentation of their stores, the simple pure design aesthetic driven by Jonathan Ive, Apple’s senior design guru.

Building this sort of image is expensive, time consuming, and offers little wiggle room for mistakes.  It also requires an unwavering unified direction. But once its travel is started, it almost builds its own momentum as fans and users become rolled up in its enthusiasm.

Another company that has a similar type of “infectiousness” is Google.  They offer a plethora of simply designed services, a majority of which are all free, yet they cunningly drive its profit-model of Adwords by being fully integrated into everything they provide. Google’s recent redesign of their App suite has stripped out all but the basics, following the simple lines of Apple’s design perspective, and its working!

Its odd that Google has chosen to not lock down the design and implementation of its highly touted Android operating system.  Myself, I’m a huge fan of the stock OS, currently running the latest version, Jellybean, on my Galaxy Nexus.  Although it gives them a flexibility to license their OS to more companies, it dilutes their “vision” somewhat (by the other companies skinning and customizing the OS)

What brands do you like? Why? Leave me a comment below, or come into the store and chat with me!

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