Learning, or Teaching the Teacher


An apple a day...keeps your phone in play?

The last couple days, I have been in a training course.  Its integral to educators in a position like mine to participate in stuff like this for a number of reasons.

First, by switching my role to that of a student, it allows me to absorb, to learn listening techniques that I can apply when I am back on the other side of the desk, and this really lets me remember what its like to be not only being trained, but also how difficult it is to remember everything I have been taught

Secondly, it gives me new techniques to more effectively transmit information to new and returning clients.  I am able to duplicate those same methods when I return to the store, and this really excites me.

Finally, I get to talk to all the handset manufacturers.  Their reps are geared up to support TELUS and the Learning Centers to help clients choose the best phone that suit them.  I’m like a kid in a candy store, as I skip merrily from booth to booth, laden with pens, water bottles, and most importantly, information. Info that I can pass on to you!

But I’m curious… What do you want to learn? You all get smartphones for a reason… Why? How can I help you be the most efficient, have the most fun, be the most social TELUS clients you can be?

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