Carrying into Wednesday

There are entire websites dedicated to the EDC culture, or Every Day Carry. Its basically a philosophy around carrying a small number of tools around with you every day. The choice of what those tools might be, combined with a hankering to make them as small, light, and as manageable as possible rounds out the general concepts.

While this usually pertains to tools like knives, screwdrivers, and flame-producing objects (matches, lighters, etc), my EDC usually consists of a (large) keychain, a money/wallet clip, and a large-ish smartphone. While women can usually manage this collection, and more, with a handbag, I am always wary of carrying a similar manbag, since it’s easy for me to forget this somewhere.. Instead, I rely on my pockets, normally the ones in my pants. Since packing these with too much content can look unsightly, it’s integral to choose solutions that do not impede me too greatly.
I have been able to reduce my keys by using a multi-part system to separate essentials from non essentials, and my wallet by choosing the Storus Clip I currently use. Yet how to carry my phone? It can just be placed in a pocket, but this can be difficult to gain access to while sitting, and can also get scratched by keys, change, and so on.

I could wear a belt clip, though finding something that works is a true investment, not only of time, but considerable risk: Choosing the wrong one could easily result in the loss or serious damage when it falls from an insecure clip. These can also be difficult to wear while driving, as the can get damaged by the seatbelt.

Bond, James Bond!

I wore a holster like this for some time, and still do if I wear certain clothing with no pockets. It sure makes a statement, but since it doesn’t secure to a belt as well, like a real holster does, it hangs awkwardly when you bend down.

I usually just pocket my stuff, but if I could afford one of these Beryll Holsters, I’d love to wear one..

True style!

Maybe I should take up collection from my clients and see if they’ll all donate towards me getting one!

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