iOS Apps for July

Although Canada Day has just come and gone, here are 3 current apps, as collected by APC,  that are heating up in the AppStore.. Grab ’em while they’re hot!


A brilliant beat maker from the creators of Reason.

One thing that has really amazed me about smartphones is the music-creation revolution (if you will) that they sparked. There are so many amazing apps out there that help you make music. Now, one of the kings of the desktop music creation world, Propellerhead Software (makers of Reason), has released Figure for iOS.

Many beat-making apps often have interfaces mimicking old synths/drum machines/samplers, but I think the best ones try and create novel ways of interacting with music, and Figure has done just that.

First up, it’s colourful! Within, you’ll find three tabs up top, one each for drums, bass, and lead. You interact with each one through the context-sensitive touch pad at the bottom of the screen. You can tap it (good for percussion) or slide across it (good for melodies), or you can even just hold your finger on it and let the app do the heavy lifting.

Everything is kept in time by the rhythm wheels (unless you don’t want it to), and once you’ve got a basic sound, you can go further by hitting up the ‘tweaks’ tab down the bottom.

The interface makes it one of the best apps for beginners, but it also provides enough power for you to grow beyond the basics. Highly recommended for anyone creating electronic music.

$0.99 > Propellerhead Software > Online

Super Stickman Golf

It’s golf meets Scorched Earth! You must aim your ball using the arrow keys, and then double tap to shoot the ball into the hole. Ok, there aren’t any explosions like in the old artillery game, but war is so passé, anyway.

There are a host of power ups available, including sticky ball to have it stick to – and shoot from – the ceiling. There are 261 holes to complete, and worldwide leader boards, so you can really get competitive.

$0.99 > Noodlecake Studios > Online


Crow is visually stunning, and has rightfully been compared to Infinity Blade. Its pretty visuals aren’t the only similarity, as Crow also contains combat. However, this is the first combat game I’ve played where I am a bird.

There are three main aspects to the game: the aforementioned combat; challenges; and exploration. But it’s hard to sum up the many aspects of this amazing game. It’s incredibly immersive, and one of the better games I’ve played on any handheld device, if not device.

$2.99 >  Sunside Games > Online

Bubble in Paradise

As a word-game fan, I’m quite used to bland graphics. The most exciting visual thing to happen in word games is usually the background change after completing level 10. Bubble in Paradise does things differently.

The most important thing, however, is gameplay – thankfully, also a win. Bubbles containing letters float up the screen, and you must pop them by using their letters to spell words. If you don’t use them, they not only pile up, they grow bigger. Power-ups can help you remove those pesky Qs and Zs, though.

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