Android 4.1 Jellybean?

TELUS’ Galaxy Nexus will be the first Android device to support Jellybean (Android OS 4.1)

 With just a few weeks left for the Google I/O, the countdown for Android 4.1 Jellybean has also begun and what’s more is that it is now confirmed that Google’s next flagship smartphone Galaxy Nexus, will be one of the first devices to feature Jellybean.

Apparently, many customers who bought the GSM/HSPDA version of the Galaxy Nexus directly from Google got a message that the Jelly Bean version of Android is definitely 4.1 and it will first appear on Google’s Nexus. Since the message was from Google itself, there is no need to consider it as a rumor.


Customers who have not purchased an unlocked/unbranded version might have to wait until their carrier has approved the update, but due to this news, Google has approved the chipset of the Nexus to meet the minimum specs to run the latest update!

Below is the screenshot of the message received by one of the folks at XDA (click to see larger image).

Galaxy Nexus Will Be The First Device To Feature Android Jelly Bean, CONFIRMED jelly bean play store 300x168

It is still unknown what new features Jelly Bean will come packed with, however, it has been confirmed that the Google Search widget is being redesigned by Google, and a new default wallpaper will also be introduced which will, somehow, be easier to work with. A very small thumbnail shown in the checkout process is also evident of the new UI which will be featured in Jelly Bean. Check our the thumbnail below.

Galaxy Nexus Will Be The First Device To Feature Android Jelly Bean, CONFIRMED Google Nexus thumbnail

The future addition to Android family is also expected to fix the stability issues in its predecessor Android v4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and will come with better power management., somthing that ICS users have been waiting for! Android v4.1 is also expected to come with a UI comparable to HTC Sense 4.0, which blended earlier sucessful UI elements of Froyo with the stock ICS build, giving users the best of both worlds!

Till date, there has been no confirmation about when the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OTA/NON-OTA updates will start rolling out but experts are anticipating that the update will not take longer than 2 months after the Nexus release.

Google has till now maintained its silence about its next Android OS. So there really is no official word, and all of the above are just speculations by experts based on a few common reports by public, and offered up by the knowledgeable staff at Fun47, but expanded upon by the Parlez Wireless Guru.

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