Blackberry Challenge, Day 14

So I’m two weeks into my 30 day Blackberry Challenge.. If this is the first you have heard of this, its time to follow me on Twitter!

Our Blackberry Rep offered me a 9900 if I would use it exclusively.  I said I’d do 30 days to see what all the fuss is about.  We have a number of die-hard BB clients, and a couple of the staff are pretty hooked as well..  While they both give me the same reason, that its the BBM, or Blackberry Messenger, that is the cause for this devotion, I hoped that I would be able to find a better reason (since my only friend who I would use this with lives in Paris, and we can communicate a number of other ways: mostly preferring DMing each other in Twitter)

A stylized Paris background for Twitter! Download it and set yourself up!

The real “allure” of BBM is a multitude of features.  First off, you can message anyone with a BB anywhere in the world, at no extra fee.  This is great for people who don’t have unlimited text packages, but really, these are the norm right now.  It also has Delivery reports, so you know when your messages has reached, or been read, but your planned recipient.  This level of accountability can be very important, especially in time and responsibility level communication. This used to be a RIM exclusive, but a number of other messengers like Kik, Whatsapp, and others offer similar accountability and message status tags..

I will say that what I’m really digging is the keyboard.  It’s quick, responsive, and I have been able to ramp up the speed to a fairly decent rate.. I can even not look at the screen and type blindly, for the most part.  Were I to continue using this as my primary unit, I have no problems believing that I would be able to type without looking within a couple months and not see any drop in accuracy.

Tickle the ivories!

The touchscreen is pretty responsive, and a much higher resolution than I am used to on a Blackberry. It makes web browsing a much more enjoyable experience, and allows videos to be played in HD quality..

Stay tuned for my 30 day wrap up post!! Or better yet, come on in and demo my phone for yourself!

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