Just in Case…

People protect their phones in a number of ways… skins, tough box-like enclosures, screen protectors, plastic holsters and clips…

The list is endless, but I’ve assembled some truly odd looking examples to get your weekend started right!

First off, The bluetooth bracelet..Available in a number of colors, it vibrates and displays the name or number of a caller on an OLED screen when a call is received. There are even variants which will vibrate when you get too far away from your phone! Never lose your expensive mobile again!

Sweet Tooth?

Not getting enough gardening in your life?, the Flash Pet Tree is a jar that combines the flashing function of some cell phone charms with the unparalleled excitement boredom of watching a plant grow. This is something for @Parlezguru!  The perplexing thing about this product is the sheer uselessness of it. A plant in a hermetically sealed container is almost enough to cause an existential crisis. The sales website promises ‘the fun of raising plants, the scents of joy’ as well as to ‘help busy people of our times be in touch with nature’. Riiight.

I really don't know what to write here... Leaf me alone!!

Finally… the ear case..

A case… that looks like an ear.. What else can I say?  Have a good weekend!

H'ear, H'ear!!

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