E3 in LA..

The biggest gaming conference of the year has kicked off with a bang, with huge titles announced and undated by the big 3 (Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony).. But what’s most interesting is the gravitation of gamers away from expensive consoles and costly titles towards free titles on mobile platforms.

Companies have discovered that providing titles at no charge, but then allowing players to purchase in game upgrades if they want to advance quicker preys on a short-attention span and greed to suceed that seems popular in today’s gamer.. It also combats piracy with games, as the in app purchases require a non hacked version to allow them to be bought.  And since the original game is free to play anyways, no one bothers to pirate the software..

Infinity Blade has been one of the most popular iPhone titles ever, powered by the Unreal engine

In-app purchases of things like bonus filters for Instagram (discussed in Monday’s post) to better guns for slaying aliens resulted in almost $4 billion US profit last year, and that number is still growing rapidly.. Game and app developers are into this “freemium” structure in a big way because its payout often overshadows single purchase games and apps..

Want to read more about E3 and mobile gaming? Want to see what Nintendo is up to, and how they a re merging tablets with their console? Check out the article from the Sydney Morning Herald (I know, odd source, but the article is sound!)

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