App Essentials: Air Video

Sometimes an app comes along that blows the doors off what’s possible on mobile devices, and opens up tons of possibilities.

For me, Air Video is one of those apps..

Get ready for movies anywhere!

Basically, it eliminates any problems you may have with encoding and storing video files for your iPad or iPhone.

Instead, a server runs on your computer,  and streams this content (over wifi, or even 3g!!)

I was surprised at how well this worked, especially since it’s streaming (and encoding) on the fly.. Although there were a few small performance problems with my HD content (naturally,) as long as I chose lower quality files, or stayed on wifi, it was smooth and seamless..Even sound was excellent!

Air Video on my iPad!

Basically, and iDevice you have can see whatever folders you choose to make visible, and then you can start playing it immediately, or convert it for watching later on (great for those times when you want to cue up content for uninterrupted viewing at your own leisure)

It comes in free and pay versions, so you have no excuse for NOT checking this out.. Visit their website for more info, if you wish!

Once you set it up, come into the store and show me your favourite movie!

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