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Answers to one of the most popular questions I get all the time!!

Question: How much are Text Messages? Are they more expensive in the States? What are Premium messages and why arew they so expensive? Can I remove these?

Answer: Text messaging is available as part of a plan. For more information, visit Plans.

You can also pay per use at 20¢ for each message sent or received within Canada.

For each text message you send from Canada to a recipient outside of Canada and the U.S. there is an additional charge of 15¢ per message if you have a Text Messaging plan, and if you do not have a Text Messaging plan, the pay per use rate is 35¢ per message.

Roam if you want to! Roam around the...

Travel Rates

Messages sent or received while outside of Canada is charged at 60¢ per message, regardless of whether or not you have a messaging package on your plan.

We have Travel bundles to reduce these rates.. Check them out here

Premium Text Messages

Premium messages or short codes, are text messages that you can subscribe to and have delivered to your phone automatically, such as daily or weekly horoscope alerts. You can also enter and participate in popular TV shows, contests and promotions using short codes.

To track your Premium Message subscriptions, use our Premium Message Tracker tool. This tool lets you track all of your Premium Message subscriptions and cancel them if you want.

Mostly useless, and super expensive... But easy to subscribe to, by accident!!

If this doesn’t work to cancel them, just reply with the word STOP.  then reply again with STOP ALL.. These two codes eradicate over 90% of the Premium service codes they are used to put a halt to these costly messages!!

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