Another week, another Monday

This is a call for all my readers to call someone they haven’t talked to in years…

Last night, before bed, I called a close buddy I haven’t spoken to in ages.. We forget that our phones aren’t just for texting and interacting with the people in our lives that we see every day… We can cross immense distances, convey our feelings, our love, and how much we miss, and appreciate someone.

Love is on the line...
So today, I’m asking you all to do that… Don’t worry if its long distance (a number of TELUS’ plans have faves that include long distance charges anywhere in Canada!) Reach out and speak to someone who you hold near and dear to you.. It’s worth the extra few bucks to hear the laughter in someone’s voice!

If you missed Mother’s day, give your Mom a ring.  Don’t worry, she won’t hold a grudge.. long! Maybe even call a florist in advance and send some flowers?

When in doubt...

Take that same opportunity to swap sports chat with your Dad, and make some plans to take him out for a beer to catch up!!

Our lives are so connected that we often forget to slow down a little.. and to reach out to those who make live worth living!

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