My last Friday post covered how much I rely on, and use, my phone.

I figured this time I’d touch on the peace and quiet that everyone’s life could appreciate… That peace is garnered from turning your phone off, or better yet, leaving it at home..

Don;t be shocked! Just...breathe...

The other day I was in line at the grocery store, and, idly bored, pulled out my phone.. immediately those around me all did the same.. I was shocked at how we all use these devices to “interact” with those we are already familiar with, and are oft complaining about a lack of new friends, romantic partners, or acquaintances

Don’t find them online!  When I was in that lineup, and I had an epiphany, I put my phone away and struck up conversatin with a girl ahead of me in line.. we swapped stories and actually enjoyed the human condition.

Since then, I have left my phone at home every morning while walking my dog.  I head down to a dock on the river near my house, sit back for a few minutes, and just enjoy being disconnected from my social world.. and in turn, connected to the physical world around me.. I enjoy listening to the birds as they wake up, the ducks swimming with their young, the water lapping at the wood..

Better than any mobile wallpaper.. imagine the wind in your hair..

So, take the time to appreciate being alive, and stop relying on your phone to provide you with a sense of connectivity.. all you need are your five senses, and the planet around you

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