Sorry for the caps… wait. I’m not apologetic at all..

Galaxy vs iPhone. A comparison in size!

This thing is unbelievable… a QUAD CORE phone? LTE, 8 MP camera, Ice Cream Sandwich…?

This handset is supposed to launch by the end of May.. and I, for one, can’t wait to get my hands on it. ┬á, a trusted review and tech site, dubs it the “Ferrari” of Android…

A claim thats tough to stand up to, but check these stats! This phone is unbelievable!! It sports “Samsung Voice“, aka a direct Siri competitor, has over 9 million people signed up to get the preorder, and a gorgeous AMOLED screen.. it’s even sporting a 720p resolution!!

More to come on this amazing powerhouse… stay tuned to see whats next!!

Want an early review? Check’s UK review page!

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