Tuesday’s ride in a Sidecar

It doesn’t just attach to motorcycles, and its not just a drink.. Its now a really interesting concept for an app.. in today’s world everyone loves to chat via messaging. However, some people still like to call and use their voice! Go figure!

A few screens from Sidecar!

Enter Sidecar… released today on iPhone, and out for Android for a couple months, Sidecar lets you share live video,┬ámessaging, and other content while engaged in a voice call with someone. You can also share your location, contact information, and even your location!

Amazingly, there’s an extra feature that’s sure to be attractive to potential users… if you are connected to wifi, you can make free voice calls to anyone in Canada and the US, even if they don’t have the app! Once that call is done, they will automatically receive a text prompting them to join you in using the app, so that they can take advantage of the extra features too!

Try downloading this and call your friends! Want more info? Here’s a great article on AppScout with some more information! I’s also one of my favorite sources for Mobile news! Check it out!

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