Friday I’m in Love..

This is a love letter… An ode to my phone.  While we have our good and bad days, and those times that I want to throw you against the wall, this is usually because I’m frustrated with my poor perofrmance in a game that I’m playing.

But for the most part, my phone has become my daily assistant, my best friend (don’t tell my dog!), and I rely on it to get through everyday.  Don’t think you feel the same way? Lets go through an average day in my life and see how regularly I’m pulling out my device.


7am.. I’m awakened from my slumber by.. you guessed it, my phone. I have repeating alarms that go off each morning with different tones.. the “emergency one” sounds like my phone’s ringtone

7:30am.. I finally get myself out of my bed, after having spent the last hour checking twitter, getting up to date on emails… on my phone

8:30am.. Now I’m in my car driving to work.  My music streams from my phone (sitting in a dashmount) wirelessly to my stero using Bluetooth.  If I need to take a call, I have my headset on my ear.  I can also charge it from the car, making sure my battery is full by the time I get to work.

They went thatta-Waze!

8:35am.. I launch Waze, an app that will guide me to work using GPS. What’s great about it is that it allows me to report traffic problems, and in turn learn about them, from fellow Waze users.. Available for Android and Apple!

9:30am.. the store is now open, and I use my phone throughout the morning… checking the Store’s Facebook, its twitter feed (@ParlezWireless (and mine, @ParlezGuru)

It’s 12pm, and I’m almost out of battery.  I put my phone to charge, and feel a bit lost without its reassuring weight in my pocket.  I go on my lunch break, and hope that no one texts while I am away

By 2:30pm, I’ve been back from lunch for a couple hours.. My phone is full again, and I get caught up on all my emails, calling back clients, and taking a couple minutes to play a bit of Temple Run (again, Android, iPhone)

Throw me the whip! Throw me the idol!

5pm rolls around, and it’s time to go home.  I text a few friends, load back up Waze, and narrowly avoid a traffic accident on my route home.

6pm.. Its Friday, so I’m off to the pub with my friends (I used Path to see where everyone has ended up, and it looks like there’s a special being offered on my favorite beer)

I’d say that I used my iPhone to figure out how to tie my bowtie, but that would be a farce.  I can tie one with my eyes closed!

Can *you* follow along?

7:30pm.. Once I arrive, I check in using FourSquare, and Path, and again, use my phone to take a video of my best friend balancing a glass on his head! I upload it to Youtube and share it via Facebook and Twitter, and laugh as all our mutual friends start adding comments..

11:15pm, and I head home.  I put my phone to charge on its docking station, and quiet ambient, streaming, internet radio fills the room. Within minutes I’m asleep, ready for the next day.. and my phone will be there every step of the way!

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