RunKeeper… The App for people who love to jog/walk/hike…

Get off the couch!

Anyone who likes running or hiking will enjoy this app.. Its available for iPhone and for Android, and is free of charge! This app lets you track your runs via the accelerometer and GPS positioning.. It will even train you to improve your progress, and to share your progress/run routes with friends.. It is tied into Twitter and Facebook as well, so you can inform your friends of your progress!

The live exercise interface

Amazingly, this app has a robotic voice that will overlay on top of your music, updating you with your overall distance, average speed per mile, and how far you’ve traveled.  Whats really amazing is that it uploads all this information into a web interface, showing how much further you have gone each run, how much faster, etc… Progress is simple to monitor in this fashion!  Since it’s finally warm in Ottawa, what are you waiting for? Get off the couch and get this app today!

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