Back to the Basics

Not everyone who wants a new phone is interested in a Smartphone.  I know, I know, I found it surprising as well!


But don’t fret, if you fall into that category!! TELUS has you covered with a number of devices! We currently offer four types of easy to use phones, and I’m going to talk about two of those today

The first is the C414 Momo. The small phone with an odd name! This is a great, slim device for people who are looking for a quick and easy to use phone *just* for calling.  Its a flip design, with a bright orange “LED” like display on the front, displaying the time and the number of the incoming caller!! It sports a camera, as like all our phones, and a slot to hold a Micro SD (to store the pictures you take, or to store music…) That’s right! It’s an MP3 player as well!!

Momo! I say Mo-mo-mo-mo..

The next phone I’d like to shine a light on is our newest offering, the LG A341. This is another quick flip phone with large keys and dual crisp displays! The real feature that makes the camera phone great is a “Senior Mode”, that speaks back to you, giving you feedback as to menu options, contacts you are dialing, and other information. $0 on a 2 year plan! Great to keep your grandparents, or parents safe, and stylish!

Senior Mode!

Come see these in store, or pick one up today!

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