NFC.. It doesn’t stand for New Fried Chicken..

I promise not to sound too technical on this one, but this technology is almost like magic!  Dubbed “NFC, which is short for Near Field Communication.

This technology is a chip built into the latest phones, and allows for two similar devices to talk to each other.. with NFC, you can quickly share videos, photos, and music just by bringing two phones close to each other..

Similarly, you can pair bluetooth technologies by bringing them close to each other.

A concept NFC-scanpad

But the real draw of this technology of concepts like Google Wallet, where you will be able to register your banking information in your phone, and after passing your phone over a sensor, and adding a quick PIN number, you can pay for your purchases!!

The Nexus S was the first phone with this technology, and now its joined by the Blackberry Curve 9360, the 9900 Bold, the new Galaxy Nexus..

If you want to read more about Google Wallet, check this link out.  And while its not very popular yet, this tech will become a mainstay in mobile devices, so choosing one that has the technology will get you on cutting edge!

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