Friday Fun

Today, instead of productivity, lets look at a couple games! You didn’t just get your phone to make you more organized, or to keep in touch with friends…


It’s also great for killing time waiting for the bus, or in the lineup at the bank! There are a ton of great choices, but if you are clueless as to where to start, lets go over the mainstays of the gaming world.  These are multi-platform, so will work on all major smartphones (except Blackberry..though many of these work on their Playbook tablet!)

First of all, we have Angry Birds.  This franchise has you using a slingshot to shoot a variety of colored birds at fragile structures containing “evil” pigs.  You knock down the buildings, causing the pigs to “pop!”  This game has a number of versions, and is free to download on some platforms.  On others, it won’t cost more than 99c, so you won’t be breaking the bank on this one!

Some of the basic bird "species" from the original Angry Birds

This game has been downloaded over 50 million times, and that’s just on the Android platform! Since its been out for awhile, there’s hundreds of levels in each version, different “special” birds with cool abilities, and even themed “Seasons” varieties for Christmas, Hallowe’en, etc! Grab this for your device and hide it from your friends! (otherwise they will kill your battery playing!)

Crrrrazzy Dave!!!

The second game, one of my favorites, is Plants vs Zombies. This game has it all. Plants… AND ZOMBIES!! You take control of a magical garden where you can plant flowers that can spit peas and other projectiles at incoming zombies.  A PopCap game, there are cartoony graphics, smooth gameplay, and hilarity.  You can upgrade certain aspects and buy special seeds from your neighbor, Crazy Dave’s car trunk.  There’s a huge boss battle at the end, and a ton of different stategies for beating this game.  Check it out!


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