Wag your Jaw(bone)

The Jawbone Era is the latest, and greatest, Bluetooth headset from Jawbone.  This is the elite headset, the one that rises above all others, superior in every fashion.  It sports 8 different sizes of earpiece, and an optional loop to secure it to your aural requirements.

The Era Shadowbox

This headset is amazing… over 5 hours of talk time, micro USB charging port, accelerometer (so you can shake your head to answer the phone: true hands-free!), built in noicse cancellation and automatic volume control!

What’s amazing about this headset is the upgradeablity.  Have an iPhone? You can not only see the battery life remaining on your menu bar, but you can also download a plug in, right to the headset, that will enable Siri with a single touch.  Even those with other types of mobile phones will benefit from a number of apps and different voices.


Want a headset that won’t only stop you from getting a ticket from to police, but also look good, and have a ton of amazing customisation features? Grab one of these from Parlez Wireless, and ask for Jonathan to help you set it up!

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