Top Telus Questions!!

Hey gang!! Today I’m going to address your top three questions!! In the store we get these all the time, so here’s some information! I know this post is a bit more text heavy than other posts, but its important to explain this information clearly without leaving anything out, so please try and stay focussed!!

Billing questions?? We can help!

1) Pro-rated Billing…  This is why your first bill, or the first one you receive after a contract upgrade, appears larger than expected. Here’s the easiest way to describe it. Lets say your billing date falls on the 1st of the month, but you activate a new account, or upgrade to a new phone, on the 15th. When your bill arrives for this period, you will see what appears to be ‘double’ charges. Basically, you are paying for half a month (the 15th to the 1st) PLUS the *next* month, in advance. You will also see a credit for half the previous month, if you were an existing client and changed your plan. So, Telus is only ensuring that your billing stays accurate during this transition phase of account changes! Be patient – your following bill will appear normally again.

Choose a plan thats the best value for you!

2) The difference between Monthly and PrePaid, and Contracts… Monthly or Post-Paid plans tend to be the best value for Telus clients. They are billed monthly for the previous month, plus any overages. They include a certain number of minutes, plus various features (like Voice Mail, Texting and Data add-ons). Contracts tend to be for 1, 2, or 3 years and will provide significant rebates on the phone of your choice – as low as $0/3yr!. TELUS loves to reward client loyalty and towards the end of your contract, you will be elegible for a new device and TELUS and any promotions we have going at that time!

PrePaid is for clients who want to manage their own mobile phone experience! This option tends to be for first time mobile users, those who only need a mobile phone in an emergency or anyone who, for whatever reason, doesn’t care to commit to a contract. With PrePaid, clients buy airtime and maintain this pool by making top ups, then use these minutes on a pay-per-use basis. There are ‘monthly reoccurring features add-ons’ available on Pre-Paid for popular functions, such as texting. We sell both the top-up pins and PrePaid phones at Parlez Wireless and are always happy to help you set them up 🙂

So many choices!!

3) How does Data work? Why am I billed even though I don’t use “the internet”? How do I manage how much data I use a month? These questions are all excellent, and I’ll try and explain.

Data is a bit different to the minutes in your plan, as they are not time based, but rather quantity based.  An easy analogy is the JellyBean one.  Your plan might have 500 MB of data included per month.  Just like minutes, even if you don’t use them, they are gone and at the beginning of the new month, you get a fresh bag.

Each time you get an email, your phone consumes a single bean (note that your phone can receive several emails for a single bean in reality, this is just an example) Even if you don’t open it, your phone has consumed the candy.  If you do open it, you can look at that message for as long as you want, without consuming any more beans! The data was used to transmit it to your phone, but not to store it there for you to view.  This is the same as a website.  When you load the page, you consume jellybeans.  If you stay on that page and read the content, you are not using any more candy.  Clicking on links or visiting other pages will start using beans again, or load the new content.

Note that activities like streaming video or audio over the internet is the equivalent of pouring handfuls of beans, and can literally “chew” through your data very quickly! Also realize that a number of services are “pushed” to your phone… weather information, emails, and account sync info are all automatic, and will eat beans without your direct control.. hence data being used even when you aren’t actively using your mobile

Mmmm! Data!

I hope this clears up some questions.. You can research billing inquiries on the Telus website, and you are also welcome to come  and see me at the store and we’ll discuss these issues in more detail!

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