Our staff share their fave apps!

I use this blog as my own soap box, but the Parlez Wireless team consists of more than just me! Today, I’ll introduce you to a couple of our team members, and list their favorite apps!

Super Shawna!

First off, a face you may have seen around the store frequently, our Manager and Sales Guru, Shawna Gray. This girl loves her Blackberry, but is slowly going the way of Apple, and can be often found sporting two phones! Her favorite apps are the Password Keeper for Blackberry, the Blackberry Messenger (can you see a trend here?) and iMessage for iPhone.  This girl sure loves her messaging!! Follow Shawna on twitter, @parlezshawna!

Mike sharing a laugh with one of our more esteemed visitors!

Next off, one of our senior salesmen, Mike(@parlezmike). Always quick to recommend his favorite OS, Mike is an Android fanatic!  His favorite apps are the game “Angry Birds”, the meme site “Infinite Gag”, and a great tunes app called “Music Paradise”! Want him to show you how to beat a level?  Bring in your phone and ask him!! He’s friendly and has a great sense of humor!

Stay tuned for next week, when we meet two more team members!!

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