It’s back, it’s Black(berry)

It’s no secret that Blackberries get less love than they used to, but to be honest, the current models are pretty great units.  Today I’m taking you on a quick spin around the 9790, the current version of the “9700-design series” Bold.

9790, with a new form factor that belies its speedy performance and specs!

Adopting the new thin body type and sculpted back plate of the other current models (like the 9360 Curve and 9860 Torch), married with the same great touchscreen found on the 9900, the 9790 is a perfect blend of size and technology… The menu buttons are actual buttons again, making them less finiky than the previous models.  Combine these with a new speedy 1Ghz processor, plus 768 MB of RAM, and you have one of the best packages to date!

Want to see one of these in action? Come into Parlez Wireless today!

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