Friday, Friday! Gotta get a phone on Friday!!

This week, I’ll be looking at quick tips for all the different major smartphones, to make using them easier and more efficient.

Lets jump right in a look at the iPhone.

iPhone 4S

Not only one of the most popular phones, its easy to use, and the high quality + wide choice of Apps available make it a flexible phone!


  1. Anytime you are in a list, like the address book, or on a webpage, tapping the time at the top will jump to the top[ of the page. A great way to navigate, quicker!
  2. In Safari, often the webpage you are in is longer than the text box containing it.  Tapping the FRONT of the address will jump to the end!
  3. When someone calls, pressing the power button once will mute the ringer, clicking it twice in rapid succession will send that call to voicemail
  4. Enabling the battery percentage notification is simple, but it’s hidden! Try looking under Settings>General>Usage.. There it is!
Now we move onto the Blackberry..
the 9900, Blackberry’s current flagship model
Blackberry shortcuts haven’t changed much in the last few years, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing, as it means that new phones can be very easy to get used to. Here’s my top shortcuts!
  1. Universal Search… This is a newcomer to OS 6 and above.  Click on the magnifying glass, or just start typing, and the phone will search contacts, menu settings, email addresses…instantly!
  2. Type “mypin” or “mynumber” (without the quotes) and your BB PIN or phone number will display for you!
  3. Use Blackberry’s built in QR reader to add new contacts to your list!
  4. Pressing Shift+Delete will remove all the text in a field, great if you want to retype a message before sending it
Next up, Android!
  1. Make sure you set up a Gmail account before you do ANYTHING. This will ensure that contacts are always saved by default to this account instead of the phone, saving headaches in the long run
  2. Download Tasker, it will save tons of your battery. For example, set it up so that GPS is enabled when you launch maps, and disabled when you quit.
  3. If you are rocking a Nexus, organize your apps into folders.. just drag one on top of another to get started!
  4. Long press on your homescreen to quickly add widgets, shortcuts, and to change the wallpaper!
That’s it for now! Go practice and leave your favourite tips in the comment section below!

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