Highlight (App of the Week)

Highlight is an up and coming iOS app that was all the buzz at the recent SXSW conference, where the popular hipsters were all stoked to see how this might expand.  What it does, basically, is use your location (via GPS) and marries it with your Facebook friends list.  Then, when you are close to someone you know, or someone your immediate friends know, you get a popup notification letting you see what you have in common, and you you are both connected.  From there, you can send them a quick message and spark up conversation… Check out this great video review by Edward C. Baig that explains more in detail

Ow, my eyes!!

Go ahead and give it a shot!  I’m personally not a big Facebook fan, but addicted instead to Twitter, so it would be great if it could connect to that API as well ! 🙂 I found that the “always on” GPS feature that makes this app really efficient is a huge battery drain. Apparently they are addressing this in a soon-to-be released update! Also, their logo gives me a headache! What do you think?

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