In depth with the Lumia

Although I’ve done a post on this before, I wanted to go into a bit more detail, as I’ve been using this unit as my daily driver for over a week now. So.. What did I like? This thing is small, thin, and smooth.  It feels like, and even resembles, a river washed pebble. Fitting in the hand marvellously, it’s a pleasure to handle.  Add a deep contrast, high density display with the blackest blacks I’ve seen in ages, and you can’t tell where the screen ends and the phone begins.


Mango 7.5 (the latest version of Windows 7 for the mobile market) adds a number of enchanced features that make the phone easier to use, plus remove a handful of bugs. The handset has an amzingly responsive keyboard and a staggeringly attractive (and quick) 8 MP camera.  It also comes in pink, cyan, and black! The box even includes a free rubber case!

Come grab one today, before they sell out!

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