Getting things Done!

I’ve talked about hardware a great deal on this blog, and rarely mention too much about services and apps.  So this week I’m focusing on what you can do to get things done faster, better, and easier


The first thing you will need, before we get started, is a Dropbox account.  These are free for the taking, offering 2GB up front, with the option to pay for more.  If you  subscribe and comment below, I’ll tell you how to get up to 16 GB without paying a cent, 32 GB for students!!

Basically, Dropbox  is an online storage box. Sort of like a thumb drive, but accessible everywhere.. So throw some files into it from your desktop, and they are also accessible on your phone, tablet, laptop, etc.  There are a number of choices for online storage, but I prefer Dropbox because its supported by a number of other applications, on a plethora of platforms.  This makes it really easy to share content from all your devices with almost zero effort.  As we delve into the next few productivity apps, you will realize that I choose a number of them that all back up (and sync) using Dropbox. This type of content delivery is often called “Cloud” computing.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope. Its a cloud, and its awesome!!


The first app I’m going to discuss is not an app at all, but a website.  SimpleGTD, or “Simple Get Things Done”, is a simple list and task manager that, while being terribly basic in look and design, is very functional and useful.. Users can create free accounts, and then customize a number of lists on the computer, in a webpage that is accessible in a number of mobile formats, where it fits itself to whatever screen you are using.  This is a great place to start your productivity drive, as managing the content can be done on a large computer, while tasks can be checked off while on the go.

Next up are Scribe and Compositions.. Both of these are iOS applications that maintain super basic, crisp, clean interfaces for simple text entry, with integrated Dropbox backup. This allows for notes or text to be entered anytime, and then edited or recovered while on any desktop machine.

Next up is GoodReader of iPad and iOS.. although they were a sneaky bunch and made separate apps both needing purchase for their two main devices, this allows for PPFs to be downloaded and read right on the screen. Its got a great mode that pulls all the text out of the document, making simple to follow, quick and effective reading a snap.

To-do, to-do-do, to-do so well!

If you master the above tools and techniques, you’ll be able to get a firm grasp on your life, and organize like a pro!! Want to learn more? Are you a Telus client? If you answered yes to those questions, it’s free of charge!! E-mail me at to book a free session today!


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