How-To Friday!

Phone getting slow? THe flash not working? People can’t hear you properly? Don’t fret! You might not need a repair! Theres a few things you can do before bringing it in to us to send away…

1) Power cycle.. This is done by turning the phone physically off and on again.. You might think this is obvious, but it fixes a number of issues, and will also help you grab the network quicker if you’ve been travelling in an area with no towers!

No, not *this* sort of PowerCycle..

2) Pull the battery.. Open the battery cover, pull out the battery, and wait about 10 seconds.  Reinsert and power the phone back on.  This works especially well with Blackberries, that needs these “hard resets” more and more frequently as they age, but it can help other handsets.  Don’t try this with an iPhone.. the battery isn’t removable!!

3) Factory reset.. While this isn’t the easiest, or quickest of solutions, it is the final defense to try and fix any woes you might be suffering from.

Last Resort!!
  • On a Blackberry, make sure you’ve used the Desktop Manager to backup your content, then use a utility like BBSAK (Blackberry Swiss Army Knife) to wipe your device, and use the Desktop Manager to re-install an operating system and your backup file
  • On an iPhone, use iTunes to backup your content, then choose “Restore” from the “Summary” tab to wipe and re-image your phone.  Restore the backup
  • For Androids and Windows 7 devices, make sure you’ve used a Gmail account to backup your contacts and a third party app like “App Backup and Restore” to store your apps on an SD card.  After this, then look for the “Factory Reset” under the Settings>Security menus, and cross your fingers while it wipes.  Sign back into your Google Account to restore your content

If you are still experiencing the same problems, then its time to send your phone away to the manufacturer.. As long as its under a year old, its still in warranty! If its older, you might be eligible for an early upgrade! Come and see us and find out!

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