The Strongest Links!

As my final post of the month, I’ll be instating a new trend, where in the last week of each month, I’ll post a collection of links and websites that I use to scrape the great web of information to stay up to date.

These are sites that I use daily, or have found interesting, and all are mobile or computing related! So bokmark this post and come and browse when you have a few minutes to kill, and you just may learn something new!

1) First off, Engadget.  This is a mainstay for all things tech related, and whilst its changed hands as far as the Editor in Chief goes, and thus the flavour of the content has also altered slightly, its still the best place to keep in touch with everything IT.  Although its always been very Apple Fanboy focussed, they have started to come around to Android and Windows 7.. Not too much Blackberry content on here, and remember that its not *just* phones, but also computing, geekery, etc.  There is a quick link to choose “mobile” from the top nav bar that will just focus on phones, should you want to filter what you read.

2) For all the Blackberry fans, Crackberry is your #1 source.  Not only are there a number of articles and reviews from other Blackberry addicts, but you can actually talk amongst each other in the included forums.  Plenty of news of up and coming devices are found here, along with a nifty marketplace.  In this online store, you can buy software like themes for all your devices, but also accessories: cases, chargers, docks, and cables.

3) Mobile Syrup.  An odd name for a great site.  This is all Canadian content too, and only focussed on mobile phones and technologies.  This is where I turn to when I want to find out about upcoming models, plans, and information before it even hits official channels.  This site always has a number of “leaked” memos, strategies, and other content. I’m not sure where it comes from, or who their source(s) is/are, but they are always very accurate.

So, three massively popular, always up-to-date tech blogs that will more than fill your proverbial boots with information.  Give ’em a whirl and see what great devices are on their way!! If you know of any others you enjoy, leave us a comment!

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