Long in the (Blue) tooth…

This is a post (primarily) about safety, but also deals with handsfree technology in general.. Many people seem to ignore the fact that talking on your phone is illegal while driving, even if you are holding it in your lap on speakerphone.  However, these same people are quick to come into the store and begrudgingly purchase a headset after being slapped with a massive $300 fine.

Bluetooth headsets have come a long way when it comes to comfort, features, and ease of use.  Many of the choices of today allow for voice commands, tell you how much battery is left, or even allow for different voices to be loaded into their memory.  While we sell a couple different models, the one we stock (and sell) the most, is the JawBone Era.

JawBone Era

The latest in a long line of legendary headsets, this thing doesn’t come cheap at around $140, but it offers a number of premium features that are worth the investment. The most noteable ones are:

  • Noise Assassin: This is the primary reason to own the headset.  You can stand next to a leaf blower on full power and your recipient on the other end of the line will only hear your voice!
  • Voice Command: Load different voices, click the button to hear how much battery life you have remaining, hear the name or number of the incoming call
  • Accelerometer: Simply shake your head from side to side to answer an incoming call, or just tap the side of the headset anywhere to accomplish the same task
  • Fit and Comfort: This headset comes with 8 different ear gels of different styles and sizes, and an optional ear loop. Also has a carrying bag that self seals to keep the set from getting lost
  • Automatic Levelling: The Era adjusts the volume of your caller automatically based on external noise levels

There you have it.. All these features, plus a lifespan of two or three years, make this Bluetooth headset stand head and shoulders above the rest! If you’d like to know more, leave us a comment below or come in and grab one of these for yourself! We also have a number of visor-mounted, Bluetooth-compatible, wireless speaker phones for those who prefer to have something mounted right in their car!

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