Nokia Lumia 800

Telus hasn’t carried a Nokia handset since the e72 back in 2010.. And now one is back with their first Windows 7 offering.

This is a great looking, small, sleek unit.  Packing a Microsim, like the iPhone, this unit has a smooth easy to use form factor and comes in three colours!


These handsets look tasty enough to eat!


Windows 7 is a big upgrade on those Windows 6.5 many people dread to use, and Apple should watch their backs!  The onscreen keyboard is a joy to use: fast, responsive, and deadly accurate.  I’d go so far as to say that this one works even better than Android offerings!


Well-spaced keys make typing smooth and simple


Amongst the upgrades that Windows 7.5 Mango has over its predecessor.. well, you won’t notice much if you don’t know what to look for..
The email client has been upgraded fabulously, allowing for multiple accounts to be filtered into one or more universal In-boxes, the social media apps are on point, maintaining the same fabulous Metro UI that Windows 7 is now famous for.. All the hi-res, fully customizable tiles you could ask for!


Metro UI tiles in action.. Customized and easy to use!


Coupled with this great UI are Groups, allowing users to create small dedicated shortcuts to pockets of people that are all tired into a single area of ones life, like “Bowling”, “Work”, or “Fitness buddies”  These can then be cross referenced from any other app, making it a breeze to communicate with a plethora of friends simply and efficiently

The calendar app has been revamped, providing that same crystal clear interface and look of its predecessor, coupled with a powerful under the hood customizable options menu!

Finally, to wrap up, the app market is totally revamped, providing access to over 30,000 choices, and of the social media ones I have tried, they all work seamlessly with the unit and the operating system.

Come on into the store and test drive one of these units today, you won’t believe how slick these phones can be!

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