Phone Factor

So sizes of phones seem to be growing again…. The end of the 90’s saw the end of the battle for the smallest phone, with units like the Samsung P-300, as the devices were simply *too* small to accomplish basic tasks…

Samsung SCH P-300


As we have headed into the new century, smartphones are leading the charge.  Now using a touchscreen to input information and to display content, the smaller units are becoming increasingly bigger.  And handset manufacturers are embracing this change. Why, you ask? Because larger phones mean that micronization is no longer a requirement.  Components can be bigger, and ergo cheaper.  Even batteries can be larger, providing more life to the devices we all know and live, but hate when they discharge in under a day of “normal” use.  Granted, spending all day on Facebook and Twitter is hardly a requirement for staying in touch (at least on a healthy level of “interaction”), but once someone has the forum to share their life with hundreds of virtual friends, they will gladly do it!

But I digress slightly.  This is more of a discussion of the size, form-factor, and usability of mobile devices.  The mobile world is already saturated with smart phones (with Apple and Samsung holding the majority stakes) and as such, the current “race” for domination is in the tablet industry. Phones like the new Galaxy Note  are crossover products, pushing the limit as to what is a usable but portable device;sporting a touchscreen that is over 5 inches in diagonal!!

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