Why is my first bill higher than I expected it to be?

TELUS bills one month in advance for recurring charges such as residential phone line and Internet access. Your first bill may be higher than expected because it will include prorated charges for your first days of service plus your regular monthly charges, billed one month in advance.

What is the long distance administration fee?

To keep per-minute long distance rates low, TELUS introduced a long distance administration fee. This fee is consistent across the industry and is applicable to customers who subscribe to a residential long distance savings plan. If you are viewing e.Bill, you can find the long distance administration fee under “miscellaneous calls” within the long distance charges.

Why am I being charged for 911 service when I haven’t called 911?

Since the introduction of provincial 911 service, the network costs are shared across all phone lines that have access to 911 service. Each TELUS customer pays a portion of the costs.

I subscribe to Signature Bundle. Where do I find my charges?

The Signature Bundle appears on your phone bill under “Bundles & Packages” as follows:

  • Local Line plus
  • Calling Features Select Bundle or Complete Bundle plus
  • High speed Internet (Quick Connect or Bundled) or Dial Up (Unlimited or Avid Surfer) minus
  • Internet Savings Discount / Credit

Where will I find the charge for the phone I’ve purchased on FLEXPAY?

The first FLEXPAY installment amount will appear on your next bill as “FLEXPAY equipment installment”.

I subscribe to a long distance plan, but still have other long distance charges. Why?

The plan fee covers long distance calls placed within the parameters of the plan. If you have used more than the allotted minutes or made calls to locations not covered under the plan, you will be charged separately for those calls. For more information, see our long distance plans.

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