Backups and Sync-ing

One of the biggest things I’m always spending my time with in the store is showing people how to do online backups, so I thought that I’d spend a few minutes talking about it today.

Although there’s a number of free email websites available, the one that’s the most powerful is naturally the Gmail system supplied by Google.

The system allows users to sync content between a web database and any number of smart devices from iPhones to Blackberries to Androids.  And because the email is “IMAP”, new messages are pushed to your smartphone, minimizing battery and data use when there is no new content to be delivered.

Users can to go and sign up for a free account.  After that, they should click on the Calendar and Documents tabs to activate those services.  From here, its easy to go into settings to configure Gmail to check a number of the clients older Hotmail and yahoo accounts, so that no messages are lost in the switch. Looking to set up your phone so that its synced? Start here, and if you have any problems, come into the store and I’ll help you configure everything.

Its tantamount that new Gmail users organize their address books early on, to maximize effectiveness.  They can either type in all the information manually, one by one, or import it from their old accounts.. even Outlook .CSV files can be imported!! The more detailed the information is, the better clients will make a smooth switch.  Addresses can be clicked on, bringing up GPS information, and even birthdays can create reminders a week in advance, for early gift buying prompts!!

Naturally, if you are looking for more information, go ahead and give me a shout at, so we can set you up with a free session.  YOu may think you don’t need a backup, but if you lose, break, or drop your phone into the toilet, you’ll be wishing you had taken me up on it…

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