Security and Passwords

Whenever people come into the store for a session, one of the things that always holds us back is the astounding number who have forgotten the passwords to their email accounts.  Of course, this applies to any sites that need cryptic codes for entry, but usually email is the one that trips up people the most.Without further ado, I have created some great tips to minimize this frustration.1) No auto logins…
I cannot stress this enough… The easiest way to remember your password is to type it in every time you need to check your messages on your computer.  Its ok to use something like Outlook or Thunderbird, but go through the settings and disable the automatic saving of the password.  This will prompt you to type it in every time you visit the site, or launch the app, and will thusly prompt you to remember the information more readily

2) Secure reset information
Your mothers maiden name, wife’s name, even pets name is all easily search-able through minimal web searches, especially now that all that info is readily posted up on Facebook.  Choose odd questions that are easy to remember, like the model of your first car, or the first vacation you remember going on as a child.. or list your mobile # with the account, like you can on Gmail, so that you will verify your account ownership with a text message.

3) Secure passwords that are still easy to remember!!
This one is KEY.  Its integral to the security of all your information to have a complex password that’s still vaguely memorable.  Here’s my system.  Any time you use an “l” in a word, use a “1” instead.  O’s become 0’s (zeros), e’s are replaced with 3’s, and S’ with 5’s.  In this fashion, a word like “wireless” becomes “wir3l355” By observing it, it still looks vaguely like the English word, and all you have to do is remember a code to make the password super secure.  You could even make it easier for yourself and use “g00gl3pa55w0rd” as your Gmail password, “fac3b00k” for Facebook and so on.  This system only drills it home even further that its easy to remember.

4) Apps
Apps are the forefront of any OS experience, and the choice of apps for security information can be confusing, especially due to app pricing.  Developers know that they can set pricing a bit higher than for other types of apps, because most often, people store all manner of secure info in these apps that are worth thousands of dollars, so they capitalize on this.  If you have a Blackberry, you can using the Password Vault that is on every BB.  If you use Android or iOS, i suggest “mSecure” apps.  They are ~$9.99, but are consistently the highest rated, most secure, flexible password keepers available.  All these choices will have a master password to “unlock” the master list, then contain all your sub information inside.  From banking passwords to credit card numbers, these all keep the most vital pieces of your information safe.  Naturally nothing is safer than just remembering all these codes and numbers, but rarely can we always rely on our brains to keep them all easily accessible!
I hope that the above info helps you to remember and manage al your secure passwords and information! You can always comment or ask me questions at or on twitter at @parlezguru!

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