Android Apps for Continued Peace of mind..

Now that Android apps are really reaching saturation of the market, (they lead over Apple as RIM slips more and more), its important to review a stronger AppMarket presence..

Choices are amazing, with tons of free choices, and a number of pay apps that excel at delivering not just performance, but rapid customer service that comes with a monetary investment.

Today, just in time for the holidays, I’m going to take a look at a few that really go the extra mile to improve the user experience..

First off, we have App Backup & Restore. This free app will ensure that all your apps are automatically backed up to an SD card.. This means that you don’t have to worry about software glitches runing your holidays! You will be free to do a factory reset on your phone, fixing any bugs, then restore all your apps from the card! This app is a must have, and at the price, there’s no reason not to have this already!

Next, Easy Uninstaller makes for easy 1-click removals of all those games you installed on your phone to keep your nieces and nephews busy while you caught up with the family, but no longer need cluttering up your phone after they have gone home

The first of the premium apps on my list, SwiftKey X is an alternative keyboard replacement for your phone. With amazing auto correction and customizable key sizes, colors, and features, it’s a must have at $3.99. It makes texting, emailing, and entering information a breeze!

The next premium app is Tasker, at $5.99.  This is one of the first apps to get installed on any Android unit I use. Although a bit more advanced, it is very flexible, allowing anything your hearts desires to be automated into a script.  Want certain apps to launch when it detects you are driving? Tasker can help you.  Want to automatically respond to texts when you are asleep with one that lets everyone know you are unavailable? Again, Tasker to the rescue! Basically, if you have ever thought “I wish my phone would just do X whenever Y”, then this app will be your savior!

My final recommendation is Locale, at $3.99. If you’ve ever been at a theater when your phone started ringing, this is the app for you.  Simply create a location, drag and drop the pin on the map, resize the radius using your finger, and Locale does the rest. From then on, whwnever you get within that radius, a behaviour will be triggered, and when you leave, it resets to normal.  So now your phone will always be in vibe mode at the movies, without you having to remember!! Note that is does *some* of the things that Tasker does, with an easier UI.. and a bit cheaper.. but is less flexible


I hope these picks make their way into your phone soon… Go on, you’ve been good.. you deserve it!

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