Blackberry OS 6!

The newly revamped Blackberry operating system is finally out, and there’s lots of new features that will make fans very pleased. In addition to all the great new tweaks, there’s a new desktop client available as well.

The current phone to take advantage of this sleek new user interface is the dual interfaced Blackberry Torch 9800. Available on a 3-year contract for only $199.99, this device marries a fullly highresolution touch screen device with a full sized slide-out keyboard.

The new OS supports multitouch, so pinch to zoom, and all the other familiar commands, plus being able to touch icons on the screen to show notifications similar to its Android competitor

The major upgrade, and the most welcome one, is a completely redesigned WebKit browser, using similar rendering engines to the Apple and Android offerings. Finally Blackberry can complete on an even playing field, and the touch gestures used to navigate on the gorgeous touchscreen are second nature in no time.

A second tweak is a universal search.. no longer just content to find content anywhere on the phone (contacts, notes, apps) it will also go one step further and search the web for your terms too, providing extremely thorough results!

The final upgrade comes in a revamped media player, allowing users to browse media whilst viewing their cover art.

The Torch is what all Blackberry users have been waiting for, and the new OS6 does not disappoint when it comes to style or performance! Finally a fully featured touchscreen and a no-nonsense full sized keyboard, all in one sleek device!

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