Blogging and Mobile Devices

Mobile devices make it really easy to blog on the go, but using your default browser can lead to unsaved content, small, non-mobile-optimized sites, and general headaches

There are a number of solutions to this problem, and we will explore some of them in this post. First off, we’ll discuss mobile optimized sites. More popular blog platforms like Blogger and WordPress have versions of their web portals that, when accessed with mobile devices, automatically load in a fashion that is formatted for a mobile screen (ie, portrait mode, in a long and narrow column.) This is a good fall back, and definitely better than non-optimized alternatives, but still lacks in many ways. There’s no auto save; content is easily lost by accident between typing sessions, and when you turn your device sideways, it maintains the long narrow column (not taking advantage of your rotated screen realestate.

The best way is to find an app that will support all the features you are looking for, and go from there.

If you already use a certain platform, such as the aforementioned WordPress, you are already limited to those apps that emulate its features… Don’t sweat it though, as there is an official app and plenty of third party choices for the two more popular platforms, aka the Android and iPhone devices; if you haven’t started blogging yet, then the world is your oyster! You can try out all the apps and all the sites, finding the best fit for you!

First off we’ll look at WordPress. Its definitely the most flexible choice, offering free and premium versions of their webcontent, not to mention a plethora of 3rd party apps. These range from free ones to those that are over $10, offering all manner of instructional content to help even the greenest recruit get into the popular world of blogging! This is my personal favorite, and I think its the web interface that makes it easy for me to post quickly and efficiently. It also allows for plugins to be installed within its framework, providing Captcha security preventing spam, inline videos, and so on.

Next up is Blogger. While being a bit smaller in popularity under WordPress, it does make it very easy for those who are more technically challenged to get into blogging. It maintains a super simple template that gets anyone started in minutes, complete with simplified themes and designs that, when combined, make for hundreds of unique visual presentations. They have also *just* released a new iPhone/iOS application that makes posting new thoughts, information, and even pictures simply and effectively to your stream.

With the above apps and features, blogging is sure to remain, or even increase, in popularity over the coming years… the apps we have on our mobiles make it easy for us to share our thoughts and our surroundings in a central place that is simple for our friends and family to share with us.

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