How to choose a new Smartphone

Whether you have been using them for years, and not having one would be akin to having an arm hacked off, or you are moving from a simple mobile to something much more complex; this is a quick and simple guide to choosing and purchasing a new smartphone.

1) What will you be using it for? Do you need a high resolution camera so that you can feel more comfortable leaving your SLR behind in a pinch… Do you want to be able to play games with your friends while on the go? Do you need the device to have Dolby Surround sound so you can watch movies while out of the house? While these demands might seem unrealistic in a small cellular device, Telus sells phones that meet all these needs!

2) Just how mobile are you? This is an interesting idea to address.. It basically boils down to how intensely you are going to use your device balanced out with how often you are away from a power outlet. Smartphones use more juice than you might be used to, and some more than others, so its important to consider your battery life. If you are heavy on your phone, it might only last 7 or 8 hours, so having access to a car charger or extra USB power plug might be beneficial to keeping your phone up and running!

3) What type of phones do your friends/coworkers depend on? No only will this research net you a wide variety of advice as you realize that most are split between different brands and operating systems, but you will also discover that people get intensely loyal towards on platform or another! While it is important, naturally, to choose a phone that best suits *your* needs, if all your friends are on Blackberries, and use BBM (Blackberry Messenger) to communicate, you will be woefully left in the dark if you don’t choose a RIM device as well.. Same goes for your iPhone coworkers, who all gather together to play Gamecenter puzzles, and leave you unable to join in on the fun..

Naturally, there are many more questions to consider, but I hope that this post makes your journey toward to perfect phone a bit easier.. You can always come into the store to ask some questions and to allow any of our staff to guide you in your quest!

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